E-ZPass Plus

E-ZPass Plus is an additional service that allows you to use your transponder to pay for charges at participating facilities displaying the E-ZPass Plus logo. There is no additional fee for the E-ZPass Plus program. You only pay the participating facilities charges when they occur. Your E-ZPass account will be debited for the facilities charges if the charge is less than $20. If the charge is $20 or greater it will be billed directly to the credit card used to replenish your account. All E-ZPass Plus transactions are recorded on your account statement.

All E-ZPass MA accounts with a prepaid balance and a valid credit card for primary replenishment can enroll in E-ZPass Plus. By default, all E-ZPass MA accounts are initially opted out of the E-ZPass Plus program. If you want to opt-in (or at any time later opt-out) from the E-ZPass Plus program, you can make that change by either accessing your account online, or by contacting Customer Service.

By participating in the E-ZPass Plus program, you consent to the release of your name and address to E-ZPass MA Plus facility operators.

Participating Facilities

The MBTA/AMTRAK Garage in Westwood (Rt 128) accepts E-ZPass MA for parking payments. The MBTA is working on upgrading other garage parking systems to support the E-ZPass Plus program. Watch for E-ZPass Plus to come to additional facilities in the near future. At this time, other states' E-ZPass transponders are currently not accepted for E-ZPass payments.

E-ZPass Plus may currently be used at the following parking facilities:

  • Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark, NJ
  • LaGuardia Airport, NY, NY
  • JFK International Airport, NY, NY
  • Albany International Airport, Albany, NY
  • Atlantic City International Airport, Atlantic City, NJ
  • New York Avenue Parking Garage, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Atlantic Avenue Surface Lot, Atlantic City, NJ
  • Great New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY (seasonal)